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Problems addressed


MSTAR::UNEX is focused on the resolution of optimization problems in the communications field. For this purpose, we use multiobjective metaheuristics along with parallelism-based technologies (cluster computing, reconfigurable computing) and grid computing. We wil also study the combination among metaheuristic techniques (hybridization) and the use of problem-aware operations.

Multi-objective communications-centric optimization problems addressed in MSTAR::UNEX node:

FAP (Frequency Assignment Problem, improving the assignment of radiocommunication frequencies in wireless networks).

MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks, tuning the broadcasting service on mobile ad-hoc networks).

RND (Radio Network Design, optimizing the design of radiofrequency networks).

RTINT (Network Design for Real Traffic Models of the Internet).

RWA (Routing and Wavelength Assignment Problem in Optical WDM Networks).

TG (Traffic Grooming in Optical Networks).

WSNOPT (Energy-Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks).

Techniques and tools used for solving the above mentioned problems:

  • Parallel and distributed computing.
  • Reconfigurable and embedded computing.